Pioneer 107d only accept cds.. Problem

Hi, i couple of days ago, i was recordgin a dvd and i had an error msg… (using dvddecrypter) i thought that an imation dvd that i was using might be bad, so i change the disc… after i inserted i started to hear strange noises from the drive and a “tac” sound trying to read the dvd disc. Now i have the same problema with both, blank dvds and written dvds.
Maybe the unit is just dead… i have it since 2004…
But the strange issue is if i insert a cd i can read it with no problem at all…i can even write cds with no problems… but nothing with dvd works…
any help here?

(i did a firmware upgrade to try to solve this but the problems stay…)

A firmware update NEVER can resolve such issues!

so i just have to buy a new drive…?

dvd part is surely dead.

Test it in another computer.