Pioneer 107d official firmware and

i just go tthe pioneer firmware official version 1.09 from flashman.rpc1
and i also got the latest official version 1.12 from
and when i opened the 1.09 oficial that i got from flashman i noticed it had 2 .109 files (R7100107.109 (1,024 kb) and R7100007.109 (64 kb)) and when i opened the 1.12 it only had one .112 file .so what they hell is the seacond file in the 1.09 for . By that seacond file i mean R7100007.109 which is only 64 kb


If you’re currently on ine if the official versions of the fw, then just run the offficial 1.12 with the one file. It should be okay. If you’re running the unofficial version, you need to use the DRVFlash. This requires both files. You can borrow the missing file from Flashmans site. Use the 1.10 with DRVFlash and get the missing file from there.

DVRFlash does not require both files…

The second file is the “Kernel” This part does not always need to be flashed, only in special circumstances, like when converting a rebadged drive to retail firmware…

if i flashed the official firmware with the kenel file whch cam with it is it going to make my dvd burner as it came when it was new because i had fw 1.09 in it when i bought it

Do you know