Pioneer 107D Firmware question

I just flashed to the hacked firmware version 110. But I am unable to burn at 8x on all dvd-r’s.

I also though i read somewhere that the hacked 110 has issues, am i better off with the 105?


Hey bud,

8x burning really depends on the media quality. If you have cheap crappy media, you will not be able to burn it. The best so far I have found on the bulk media that burns at 8x is Ritek G04.

Yes, i realize it is based on the quality of the disc. My problem was, that I couldn’t even select 8x using nero, or 6x either, it was as if i hadn’t applied the patch.

Found the solution though, simply restarted the system, windows redeteced the drive, oddly enough, and all is well now!