Pioneer 107d Finalizing DVD made in Nero after a lead-out disc-at-once failure?


Here’s the thing. I was using Nero6 Ultra to burn a DVD-Video. Ofcourse, hindsight is 20/20 and now I know Nero6 is crappy but that doesn’t get me anywhere does it? So i wrote the DVD-Video. After completing 100% of the burn while writing the lead-out, this burner gave a disc-at-once write failure. I don’t know how but that’s not why I started this thread. Now only Nero is able to read the track and contents of the failed DVD. From experience I know there existed the ability to finalize a failed CD insome S/W if the track was still readable by that particular s/w by closing the track and the CD. Is this technique possible with DVD’s made by Nero if it is still reading the track? Is itv possible to finalize the DVD so I can still use it because the data was completely written except for the Lead-Out and it is not an issue of space on the DVD as there is 530 mb still free on the DVD. The s/w which could finalize was I thing Easy Cd Creator by a tool called Importing the track/session and closing/finalizing the CD. is this possible with Nero using some other similar tool or software since I am still able to read the contents of the OPEN track in Nero. Please HELP.


P.S. whats the issue with this burner regarding the above prob. Not that IMP but still think about it.

Try batchdisc: It consists of several different programs that can all be started through command line prompts. You need the “FINALIZE” one. So after the detection of your writer just type “finalize” and hit Enter. It did the trick once for me.

Thanks a heap Nikolaos,

Will try this out. But before i try it out I wanted to know whether the finalize tool in BD1 is also applicable to DVD’s or only applies to CD’s. Just to be on the safe side i thought i’d ask. because my problem is an open DVD not an open CD. The site mentions its for CD’s so does it equally work for DVD’s. If you have no knowledge of this aspect i’ll still try the FINALIZE tool out to see if it works. If it does not work on DVD’s then it is back to square 1.


I only used this program once and it was with a DVD (movie). So yes it works with DVDs. See this too:


Thanks Guys. U are the best. The utility worked like a dream. No more coasters.


Nero 8 Finalize = Use the option from the tool bar. RECORDER | DISC INFO
Then CLOSE DISC at the bottom of the info window.

Hope this helps