Pioneer 107D ERRORS.HELP!

Hi,i ve been reading this forum for some days now,but now i need your help.

I ve recently bought a Pioneer 107D flashed with 1.12 firmware.
I ve burnt DVDs till now,and today i got the idea of using Nero’s CD/DVD speed to see how they are written (i ve read that a straight line is mark of a good quality disc).

Well,i am SHOCKED to see that till now 4 out of 5 DVDs have errors that don’t allow the dvd to be read in a certain point,even if i always checked the “verify” button at Nero and didn’t report problems.

The DVDs (DivX film backups) are intact except for some points where they become impossible to read and i get the message from Nero CD speed : random positioning error(031500) or unrevcovered read error.

Usually happens near the end of the test.Happens with both the Pioneer and my Toshiba 1742 DVD.All discs were written as multisession and i run Win XP.Nero i m using is updated to the last version (

Failed till now:
3 vivanco DVD+R
1 Verbatim DVD-R

Passed the test:
1 Verbatim DVD-R

Is my DVD burner faulty or what?Please help me!I have it as secondary slave,with the Toshiba as secondary master.
Till now,the “faulty” media are

Oh forgot.THey are burnt as multisession but currently there is only a session in them.About 4,1 GB each.

Thanks in advance

Update.I was hasty…Surprisingly the Viviancos had no problem.The problem is that my Toshiba 1742 has problem reading DVD+R.I went to Toshiba site and saw that is certified for DVD-R only…

At the end,the problem exists for 2 Verbatims.Anyway,maybe bad luck…

Update.Now i have a total of 3 Verbatims with unrecoverable errors!2 from a 10 pack and 1 from another.

Anyone,has an idea?PLEASE???:confused:

Is this OK?

I mean all my DVDs that are correctly burnt ,show this erratic line.Not a straight one.

Is there someone in this forum who remembers how it is to be a newbie??:confused:

Thanks for the hospitality.:rolleyes:


Calm down my Italian friend :wink: (I hope I am right you’re from Italy).

If I were you I wouldn’t judge your drive according to what Nero DVD-Speed tool says. It has happend to me many times this tool showed different error messages even though the disc was fully readable from beginning to very end!
Try DVD speed function in DVDInfo Pro instead and report back to let us know if things are getting better…

Originally posted by BQuick
…my Toshiba 1742 has problem reading DVD+R.I went to Toshiba site and saw that is certified for DVD-R only…

If your Toshiba can read movies burnt on DVD+R, than don’t care about the official saying as in these days I guess every DVD-ROM drive reads both formats.

I am newbie to the multisession thing as I haven’t used it with DVD but I’ve read somewhere only DVD+R support this feature…

Hi. Off topic, sorta… If I am correct multi-session does not work on -Rs. Well it works however it cannot be read in stand alone players if not finalized. On the other hand, +Rs, does not need to be finalized to be read into players.

As for your graph produced by Nero, the zigzag line does not look that good. However I’ve seen worst… My Taiyo Yudens burnt on 107D has a smoother line. I’ve never used Vivanco and Verbatim so kind of hard to comment on them…


Yes i m from Italy.Sorry for my hurry but i m very frustrated from this story,i ve also mailed Pioneer ,i hope they ll answer me…

Well,the situation is this: The 3 Verbatims that NEro DVD Speed said had errors were in deed having problems.Both the Toshiba DVD-ROM and The Pioneer couldn’t read them at some point,and Windows media player was giving read error too…

Now,till now i have tried Verbatim DVD-R 4x,Vivanco DVD+R 2,4x and Memorex DVD-R 4x (CMC).I only had problem with the 3 Verbatims,however in ALL cases the Nero DVD Speed line is zig zag just like the one i posted before.

Now,i have DVD Info Pro 2.31 and here is the result (sigh!):

About Multisession: Nero warns me that multisession on DVD-R is possible ,but the sessions after the 1st may not be readble on some stand alone DVD players and Windows prior to XP.

I frankly don’t care of that much,as till now i ve only written one session,i just left the DVD “open” in case i could put a bit more data later,since there were about 300 MB left in each DVD.And i don’t have stand alone player,i just use mu PC for everything.

However i also burnt some DVD as single session like the one i just posted the pic of ,in DVD info Pro. They are burnt all alike.

In DVD Info the drive seems that can’t go more than 2.60x while in Nero DVD Speed exceeds 8x.Not to mention the zig zag line in all 3 DVD brands i used.

Any ideas?

Thank you all for the help!:bow:

How about other media? Have you tried Verbatim +R, Taiyo Yuden, Ritek…? How about different burning software?

No,i ve only had it for a week,and i can’t find many different brands easily.Verbatims are very common also Memorex,that’s why i bought them.Vivanco was something i never heard of.

Then i found Princos,Datawrite(Princos too under other name right?) and TDK.I guess i can try to go buy some TDK…

Other burning software?Well,is there someone with free trial use apart NEro that i have? I have also my old Easy CD Creator 5 ,but i don’t know if will recongize my DVD burner.But i can try…

The odd thing is that ALL the DVD i ve burnt from all 3 brands present that zig zag line,are readable at 8x max by Nero DVD speed while at 2,50 x by DVD Info Pro…:eek:

Just as i thought.My Easy CD DVD Creator 5 doesn’t recognise the burner.

probably u need to get an repairing service or something
it happens in some 107d as fas as i know cuz it has been issue for couple months in korea now

I think i m in trouble too…A friend of mine that bought the same burner from the same store just sent me his graph from DVD speed…It’s another story…It’s almost perfect…I had bad mobo,cpu,now also burner.I guess that’s bad luck!

Ok,i have a question… Is it possible that the Pioneer actually burns well,but for some reason, doesn’t read so well? In this case i don’t care much.

I ask this because of this.I updated to firmware 1.13.Nothing really changed,the Pioneer has the same zig zag reading.

But this is how the Toshiba read the disc (Memorex DVD-R CMC):

Ok,i took the drive back to the shop i bought it from,these people simply couldn’t understand what was wrong about the drive,since as they said “we tested it and it writes and reads the DVD”. Talking to them about Nero Graph was like talking to a donkey but at the end when they heard i had also contacted the Pioneer service they offered me to spend the money i had payed with an LG 8x and the difference in DVD media.

In the next days they said they ll receive the LGs.I hope i ll have better luck with it.

Thank you all for the help.Much appreciated!:bow: :bigsmile:

Just to let the more curious of you to know,i ve found the solution myself.Well,almost…

Now in the meantime at the end they didn’t give me an LG,but again another Pioneer 107D that presented the SAME problem.

I had to send a second mail to the Pioneer Italy assistance (they suck) and their reply was:

Gentle client:

From what we see,we deduce you must put the drive as Secondary MASTER"…

Now ,of course i had already tried that… the problem was elsewhere…As soon as i removed the Toshiba DVD-ROM,the Pioneer started reading regularly no zig zags. I ve also done various tests to make sure it wasn’t the power supply. I put a Memorex CD-R/RW i had and the Pioneer STILL read without zig zags.

The solution was…Pioneer HATES Toshiba:) :rolleyes:

I asked them if they know any reason of this…Could it be because they are both Japanese??:slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

In any case,i ve already,with much sadness as i liked that Toshiba DVD, ordered a Liteon DVD-ROM. In this way i ll be also able to use KProbe,right?

Yes, the LiteOn ROM drive will be able to run KProbe. However I’ve been told that ROM drives do not have good reads. Therefore if you are really concerned with PI/PO error readings, I suggest you buy a LiteOn writer. I hope to be getting one in the near future…