Pioneer 107d? DVD or CD - Player!



My Pioneer has stopped playing DVD disc after two years of usage!

What is the problem… it can play audio and data cds but it will not recoginze
not one single DVD?



Because the dvd part is dead.

2 years is a long time for a dvd burner…


My 107d is going crap too, 2 years old and only ever burnt about 50 disks.
That is poor


:)well I am / was extremelly satisfied with my pioneer
200dvd burns and 200cds and I can not recall how much
dvd’s or cd’s were played through it

it is your fault to only burn 50medias in two years:)

[at the end I must say that my pioneer is being used in very poor conditions
too much smoke & dust; that is why I am satisfied!]


It doesn’t have to mean that the drive is dead. Maybe it just need a good cleaning. (See, post Nr. 5)


Cleaning the drive would be kinda a last chance to revive it.