PIONEER 107D Doesnt write at 8x in the DVD-Duplicator!

I have flashed all my pioneer 107 with the latest hacked firmware upgrade 1.10.

I have been trying with the DVD3000 Wytron controler card and DVD3000 Wytron support the 8x Pioneer107d but the Writer doesnt write 4x media at 8x when u use in the Duplicatior with Wytron DVD controler Card. Wytron has reputation of DVD duplicatior with 32 MB bios memory. I m using latest firmware for the DVD controler. The Same writer when u use with the PC and burn 4x media at 8x perfectly with nero Software. Thanks in Advance if some one provide any Help and advise

this is the copy of my thread…lol, any way if any good advise is available in this thread it is appreciable. I m looking for the Solution to write 4x media at 8x in the Duplicator.

yes i also occur the same problem and if anyone can give us both i

information it would be greatley appreciated

Cheers :iagree:

hello dipu i just pm you m8 . i just bought a dvd controller card that actually let me burn the 4x media at 8x in my dvd dupe. here is lthe link m8 .

Just installed this in my dupe today works like a charm with my pioneer 107 with the firmware 1.10 and im burning all my 4x riteks at 8x :slight_smile: Hope this helps you out m8

cheers :bigsmile: