Pioneer 107D Does Not Support Overburn?

I tried to overburn a 705mb data into a 703mb CDR. Tried using the latest Nero and Sonic Recordnow to overburn (overburn options checked). When the recording reach the final stages, it would report burning error. Tried different media with the same results. Anyone can help? It overburn fine with my old NEC2500. Thanks.

The funny thing is that Nero says that the Pioneer 107 supports Overburn. So why will it not Overburn??? I read around in the forum and it seems that the Pioneer A06/106 has the exact same problems but no solution.

1: lock writespeed to 16x.
2: if that do not work, make sure you have firmware 1.10
3: if it still do not work - get some 90/99 minutes discs.

Found out a way to Overburn on my Pioneer 107 1.10 on Nero. First I have to select DAO/96 as DAO does not allow for Overburn. Then Nero will start to burn. Near the end at the finalizing stage, Nero will report some error called Logical Block Error, Burn Process Failed. BUT the overburn disc is completely readable with no read errors. I tested it on a few cdrom drives and all of them read the Overburn disc fine. So just letting ppl know that the 107/A07 does support Overburn.