Pioneer 107D burning slowly.... not DMA


I just installed my Pioneer 107D drive into my rig and bought a bunch of Datasafe (Ritek) 8X media.

My PC is

Athlon 1800+ XP
120GB Hard Drive
Pioneer 107d with most recent hacked firmware 1.13
Abit KX7-333R Motherboard (not updated… should do that soon)
I use Nero

Whenever I set Nero to burn media at 4X or 8X speed it always takes about 25 minutes to burn 4Gb onto DVD. I’m assuming this is roughly 2.4X speed.

After using Nero InfoTool to check the state of my system I got this:

Primary IDE channel (Hard-drive) ----- DMA off (after checking device manager it says Pio only even though it’s set to DMA if poss.)

Secondary IDE channel (Pioneer 107D) ------ DMA on, Autorun on.

Can anyone help me? Why can I only burn media at 2.4X when Nero claims to be burning at 8X… I want my burning to be faster.

Cheers for any replies

You need to get your harddrive running in DMA mode.
Do some searching on the forum and you will find the quides to accomplish this.


I’ve searched through some guides and they only have the very basics in…

Device Manager->Ide controller->change box to DMA if poss.

which I’ve done. After rebooting my computer it stills says Pio only in the box underneath even though the box at the top says DMA if poss.

I went into my Bios setup and couldn’t find any DMA related features,

What do I need to do to get DMA enabled for my HD… since DMA is enabled for my DVD drive my motherboard supports it. What can I do?

Sorry about the double post

An update… I’ve been working on this for a couple of hours now and here’s what I’ve tried.

Simply selecting “DMA if poss.” and rebooting->Nothing

Uninstalling Primary IDE (with hard drive) and rebooting->Nothing

Installing new VIA IDE drivers for my motherboard->Nothing

Tinkering with the registry as seen in guides->Nothing

Anyone got any more ideas? I’m really getting stuck here and an 8X writer is useless without it.

Cheers for any replies