Pioneer 107d Burning Problems

I have just purchased a pioneer A07/107d, I have successfully backed up 1 of my home dvd Movies using a Verbatim 4x dvd-r. I then tried to backup the same movie on a Shintaro 4x dvd-r, and it played on my PC (pioneer 16x dvd reader, software; Power dvd 4) until the 10th chapter, then it froze and came up with a reading error saying; check dvd disc. I then tried to play it on my dvd player in my lounge that worked up until that same 10th chapter, then it skipped it self to the 12 chapter.

I have tried to back up 3 of my dvd’s on Shintaro 4x dvd-r and have been unsuccessful every time. Sometimes the dvd doesn’t even read or it just skips chapters and/or goes all jumpy.

I am fairly sure that it is the discs; maybe they don’t like pioneer burners??? I am hoping that my burner is not damaged or faulty, can someone please help me!


since you were able to make a successful backup with verbatim media the drive must not like this shintaro media, try burning at a lower speed or wait till a new firmware is released :wink:

Shintaro is normally some of the lowest quality discs sold so I would say for 90% sure: yes it’s the discs.