Pioneer 107D and XBOX

Hey all,

First at all I’m very impressed with this forum, very good and helpful peoples here.

Ok now to my dilemma; which peoples with kids will fully understand; my two kids destroy so many DVD movies and Xbox games it’s not funny anymore so I decided to get a DVD PC burner to back them up. After reading this forum for 1 week I went and bought a Pioneer OEM 107D but looks like I should bought the Lite on with bit setting DVD_ROM to make my backups work our Xbox.

Meaning that I can burnt my DVD movies with AnyDVD and DVD Clone2 with no problems and they play nicely on my stand alone DVD players but not on the kids Xbox. Well after reading all the Xbox forums I found that setting your DVD writer to DVD – ROM will fix all the problems but as I said before I bought a Pioneer writer which as far as I know, does not support the DVD-ROM setting.

So my first question is quit simply can the Pioneer 107D burn DVD copys, which can be played on all DVD players especially the Xbox, or do I have to trade it in for the Lite – ON whit the Bit-Setting patch.

My second question might b in the wrong forum but nerveless here it is. Can you play backup DVD Movies on un-moded XBOX or do you have to mod them to make it happen.

PS.The media I used is called Laser 4x DVD-R

For starters, DON’T use Laser DVD-R media! It is very low quality - third rate if you ask me. I would recommend Fujifilm DVD-R 1-4x (Taiyo Yuden) from JB HiFi @ $3.49 a piece, or Verbatim DVD-R 4x (Mitsubishi) from JB HiFi @ $3.19 a piece. Both types of discs are no-nonsense and work wonderfully with the Pioneer DVR-107D and have had good comments over at Also I would recommend RiTEK G04 (branded as RiDATA or inkjet printable) DVD-R media. These discs are in my opinion the best value for money. They’re about $65 per 50-pack on eBay.

There’s one way to find out if the Pioneer will make copies of your PS or XBox games - try it!



There’s one way to find out if the Pioneer will make copies of your PS or XBox games - try it!

lol just came back from JB Hifi with a stack of different DVD’s.
DVD-R Verbatim
DVD_RW Verbatim

I agree with what you say but why do other peoples burn without any problems on Lite-On burners with DVD-ROM enabled. This DVD-ROM thing must be more compatible too all these different DVD Readers.

Some guy on an xbox forum was telling me that he is copying movies with a lite-on burner and never had any problems what’s however with any DVD player including the XBOX.

Why can’t we set this DVD-ROM setting in our pioneer drive? Looks like this setting makes live a little bit easier.

from what i can tell bit-setting is for tricking the reader into thinking it is reading “-” media when it is in fact “+” media or vice versa. It doesn not set “-ROM” which isnt techinically a standard.

Best thing to do is try some + and - media and see which works best. I can voice for the Riteks off ebay they are the best media you can get in Oz for the price i think (<$1.50 a piece).

try burning on -RW media. seems to work best on older xbox’s with the thompson dvd-rom.

i assume you haven’t modded this xbox, and wouldn’t know what kind of drive it has though correct?


A bitsetting tool changes the book type from + to -rom. It only works with plus media and only with certain drives. Unfortunately pioneer drives do not support it, so you are shit out of luck with this method.

Now to improve compatability you need to find out what drive your kid’s x-box is. Found out here

Now you know the drive you can choose the best media for it.

Hey guys thanks for the pesponse.

OK I found out that the XBOX is V1.0 with a Thomson drive.

DO you need to mod the XBOX to enable DVD copies to work???

not dvd-films no. now you know what drive you have search on google what is the best media…

Don’t know anymore than that, sorry cos i have a phillips drive and ritek g04 work perfectly for me. (dvd-r)

Can you clarify your xbox situation m8.
You are trying to make back ups out of originals is this correct.
If so you have to ftp the files from your xbox to your pc.
Afaik you cannot just stick in the original game and copy it.
No xbox can play coped games without being modified either by a soft mod or a chip.
If you are copying xbox backups the 107 will do this no problem at all.

If you wan copy original xbox games on the fly I’d love to know what writer can do that:)

that part of the answer to the question is basic , unless I am mistaken. If you burn - R discs, they already look like -ROM to dvd drives. The only reason you would need a burner with bitsetting, is if you are burning + R discs and wish to play them in an x-box or older set top player that prefers the - R. Hope this helps.

It’s all sweet now

ok I used all brands of R+ R- RW- and RW+ with no luck using Clone DVD.

After that dilemma I deceided to use my new NERO burning software Version 6 which includes the Recode 2 software.

Well what can I say the guys from NEro should really receive a medal for that software. Plug and play and all backup movies work on any posible DVD Media. Even the cheap LAser ones work now.

So I am happy and glad I bought the Nero software pack.

Thanks all for your help.

Oh, if your using the latest version of clonedvd, there is a huge writing bug in it.

Try the a previous version and it’ll work fine. Take a look in their forum to find out more…

Glad you got it working though :iagree:

Thanks for the info but I stick to Nero is jsut brilliant

OK, you 107D will not READ xbox disks. I have had to modify my xbox (add chip and hard drive). then i use and cross over cable and FTP to my xbox and download the games. then i make iso’s. Then you can burn them. it’s not easy like PS/PS2.

Xbox disks are written form the outside in, i think. and a PC DVD cannot read a disk like that. Just buying a DVD burner is not the solution and as you need a modified xbox.

once they are burnt they will only play in a a modifed xbox anyway. so you have to get you box modifed for creating or making backups.

the best site for these sorts of things is it’s best to search for your answer first. i have noticed that some people there tend to flame you as quick as read you’re post. if you need xbox modding help just pm me. i hope i can send you in the right direction.

also my xbox only likes DVD-R, that is common. i have not heard of any liking +R’s.

Originally posted by hburrows83

A bitsetting tool changes the book type from + to -rom. It only works with plus media and only with certain drives. [/B]

You can change booktype from DVD-R(minus) to DVD-ROM as well

NU/QSI DDW-082 drive can DO that :stuck_out_tongue:

where can i get the tool to set bitsetting?

which drive do you have?

DVDinfopro allows the changing of booktype.

ive got the pioneer 107d and i tryed to change booktype with dvdinfopro, but ther is no effect, mean couldnt change the booktype with dvdinfopro.

any other programm?

that’s because pioneer’s do not support the changing of booktype. Sorry dude, either be happy with + & - or change your drive!

damn, but thank you for your (fast) reply.