Pioneer 107D 8x +R



Piıneer 107D(latest firmware);nero;Verbatim 8x DVD+R;
i dont have problems with 4x burning, but when i burned a dvd at 8x my drive doesnt recognize the disc after the burning process complete(burned without problems).drive says its an empty disc.but i can see the sessions from nero cdinfo and i can make images of the dvd withe nero.


same problem here … when burn finished the disk is empty but when check it with isobuster there is dada inside it !!! when make an image of that same Compilation on HDD and load it with Daemon tools everythin is ok …


Tried with other burning apps?

There were problems reported, especially with Nero

An update is still in the pipeline…


I tried Recordnow Max 7.It burned without a problem and my drive recognize the disc.