Pioneer 107 speed problem


I recently upgraded to the Pioneer 107 after using the 103. I cannot get the 107 to burn as fast as I think it should be.

I am using Prodisc 4x DVD-R’s. With the 103 I could burn a DVD in about a half hour at 2x. With the 107, I select 4x but it takes between 30-40 minutes to burn a full DVD. I have tried burning with Adobe Encore and RecordNowMAX. Both take the same amount of time. I am using the exact same DVD’s on both. My system is a P4 1.6ghz with 512mb ram and Windows XP Pro.

Anybody have any suggestions? Could this just be something about the DVD’s i’m using? I haven’t found 8x white ink-jet printable dvd-r’s cheap yet so i’ve continued to use the 4x ones (and at the moment I have no other brands/speeds to test with).


Sounds like your DMA maybe OFF check to see that your IDE has UDMA 2 showing in the device manager for windows.

Remember this is an example, you would look to the IDE your drive is on in my case thats IDE0 master