Pioneer 107 & Scanning Media For Errors

Hi all,

Apologies if this has been covered before but I can’t find an explanation/solution anywhere… I have googled and searched the forum but I just don’t seem to be able to hit on the right keywords to bring up mentions of this exact problem.

I have a Pioneer DVR-107D with the NX4ALL 1.18 firmware from applied. I also have an OEM model at work with stock firmware on - the problem exists on both.

I am having problems scanning discs for bad sectors after burning - I generally burn using Nero and prefer to use CD-DVD Speed to do a scandisc after a burn rather than just verifying files. I’ve always taken 100% green as being enough for me to trust the disk with anything but critical data as I generally use decent quality media. Since installing the Pioneer - to replace an NEC 2500 I just wasn’t having any luck with at all - I have had no luck with CD-DVD Speed.

If I try to scan a CDR with Scandisc, it spits out “Warning! The drive is unable to report damaged sectors”. It doesn’t do the same for DVDs. Nero InfoTool reports that the drive can scan C2 errors. The worrying part is that I think it is just failing to tell me that it will not report damaged sectors for DVD scanning then merrily giving a 100% reading… It is reporting 100% green even on dodgy Bulkpaq 2.4x media that my past 2 NEC drives wouldn’t touch with a bargepole. So, I’m either very lucky to have a smashing DVR-107 or it’s not scanning media properly with CD-DVD Speed.

Anyone using one of these drives come across this before ?

I’d be happy to use different software to scan for errors - if the drive does support this - after burning if anyone could recommend any. I’d prefer something that can actually scan for bad sectors rather than just file integrity as I burn all my archives with md5sums in each directory.

I do also have a Lite-On 48161H combo drive installed in my home machine but I was under the impression it isn’t a good idea to scan burned DVD media for errors with a DVD ROM drive.

Thanks in advance for any help…

Have you tried it with the LiteOn drive?!?

It works fine with the Lite-On drive, or at least it doesn’t throw any errors. However the drive is only a CDRW/DVD-ROM combo and I get the impression people don’t trust these as useful for measuring the quality of burnt DVD±R media - I’d rather not entrust a stack of data to DVD thinking it’s burned perfectly then find out later that neither of my drives was able to tell me there were errors.

Is the CRC check in DVD Info Pro a useful alternative to Nero’s sector scan ? It appears that Pioneer drives cannot read PI error information :frowning:

Pioneer dont support pi ,pif errors scans.

That’s what I was trying to find confirmation of. Thanks.

Which leaves me with my next problem - what can I use to check the quality of my burns ? I know I can use MD5 sums to check files are OK now, but I’d rather use a surface scan to check they will remain OK for the considerable future. I don’t want to have to splash out on yet another DVD burner, having already been burned (no pun intended) by the godawful reading of the NEC2500a.

I have the following drives available :

NEC1100a - seems to be only able to surface scan DVD+R disks, or at least is refusing to scan -r Datawrite Classic 8x grey tops.

NEC2500a - bought because the NEC1100 had been a reliable little beast, turned out to report pretty much every burn as damaged. Not a lot of use unless someone can recommend a firmware that makes it a bit more reliable.

Lite On 48161H - CD writer / DVD ROM only. Can a DVD ROM do any sort of reliable surface scan ?

Any suggestions?

Forget the NEC drives, they are both poor readers!

Never had any problems with the 1100, but OK! Just seems stupid to buy a writer and find you have to buy another writer just to verify the burns :frowning: