PIONEER 107 problem?

hello guys…anyone know how i can see new movies ?some doesnt playing probably couse they have copy protection?i dont wonna copy it i wonna see it…i am watching the dvd movies on my pc…but some of the new movies going me directy in the 1h and 24 min play so …i cant watch it :frowning:
i must download something?help please…thanks

Thread moved from the Pioneer Standalone forum, since this is an IDE drive as far as I’m aware of. :wink:

Would you be able to give a description of what happens when you try playing a disc that gives issues? While most DVDs contain copy protection measures to try and stop copying / ripping, the only thing that would affect playback of certain discs would be region coding and this would be only the case if you try playing discs from a different region, e.g. US discs in a European drive. If it is just movies, but not other DVDs such as software, data discs, etc., then your PC may either have an MPEG2 codec / DirectShow filter issue or no MPEG2 decoder is installed. :rolleyes:

is there any chane tht you would be able to show me how this site works or how 2 download pm me bk plz

A copy protection normally won’t prevent you from VIEWING the movie on the disc, as pointed out by Seán already.
As for necessary filters, just use Google and you’ll find them.