Pioneer 107 + Instant CD 7 Burning LED Question

I have been using Pinnacle Instant CD 7 and CloneDVD programs - here is the question:

when using CloneDVD the green burn led on the front of the 107 stays on constantly.

when using Instant CD 7 - green led stays on for 5 seconds briefly goes off then comes back on again etc etc etc all the way through

I know this meant on CD-writers the burn-proof kicking in - but any ideas to what it is in the case - and why on ICD7 and not CloneDVD ? Same media, speed etc.

Thanks for any help,


You are right about the buffer and the same thing applies to dvd writers.
It may be Instant copy isn’t as compatible so using more memory causing a bottleneck.
Just change you instant copy Pi image to a normal image(PI TOOL) and use what works.
Something is taking alot of memory causing a buffer underrun on your system and since it only happens with instant copy it would see,for whatever reason it’s the culprit.
Check and see if there are any new updates for it.
If I remember Pi images are split? PI tool make s got old ISO for you out of the PI images,then you can burn with whatever you wish.
I’d imagine your burns,although they wil probably work,will have a scary looking graph due to the constant buffer underruns.