Pioneer 107 for burning Dvd's or Cd's

I would like to know if you have dumped your cd burner when you bought your Pioneer 107

It would seem silly on my part to drop a Plextor Premium to burn at 24X on the Pioneer :confused:

i still use my plextor to burn cds as the pioneer offers no advantage in that area for me, i think it’s been over a month since i last burnt a cd :stuck_out_tongue:

ive only burnt around 3 cds with the pioneer 107d just to see if it works ok and it does, but my old cd burner got replaced by the liteon 411S which now does all my cd burning and dvd ripping

I use my 107D to burn CDR’s and CDRW’s (not very often though). It’s plenty fast enough for me and the quality has been excellent.


I don’t burn many CDR’s or CDRW’s these days.

I’ve never had a problem with the quality of CD burning on the Pioneer 107D though and the quality is really good in my experience (I don’t use crappy media!).

I can’t be bothered with a CD Writer any more.


Since I moved to DVD-writing I dramatically reduced the CD writing Almost everything I had I store on dvds because the media is 6,5 times larger and only 3 times the price of a CD; there are left for CDs only some mp3 that I need to be read in mp3 CD player and plenty of RW data to transport to other PC.

When i got my 107d, I gave away my liteon cdrw. I’ve used it to burn a lot of cds and it works great.

One thing I did notice when burning some cheap cdrws that I had used with liteon in the past. The first burn with the pioneer had some errors. After writing it again they would come out perfect. Then i started doing full erase just for the first time on the pioneer and they all worked fine since.

Looking forward to getting some ultra speed cdrws and testing those out.