Pioneer 107 cheap or nec 2500a?

I know this forum goes back and forth on which one is better and oc-freak prefers the nec 2500 for numerous reasons, but, I have the opportunity to acquire a pioneer 107 at roughly $20 US dollars through a series of amazon gift cards.

With that said, since the nec 2500 is not available to buy on amazon US, I really have only one choice -

Is the NEC 2500 that much better than the Pioneer 107 that I should spend roughly $100 for it instead of around $20 for the Pioneer 107?

All thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated.

I was going to possibly consider the LiteOn 812s but only the LiteOn 811s is available on amazon.

Damn that amazon for not giving a good selection :wink:

PS> I am planning to use the DVD burner for Video Editing and Movie Backup so quality and compatibility is REALLY important for me.


Speaking as an NEC 2500A owner, I’d go with the Pioneer. :slight_smile:

Not because I don’t love my NEC drive, but recent firmware updates have made the Pioneer much better than it was a month ago, and it’s a decent drive. If you choose the right media, you should do very well by it.

Thanks for the suggestion LoneWolf. Very interesting point. I wonder if anyone else has the same opinion?

If you can get a Pioneer for $20 go for it. I’d say its a no brainer between it and the Lite-on (unless you want to do Kprobes). Other then waiting for DL burners or DL capable.

but if you can use those gift certicates on media, then I wait 4 weeks and see how the DL situation shapes up.

Thanks a lot Vanderlow. It is sounding more and more like this may be a good idea to pick up the Pioneer. Anybody really think otherwise?

Do you think that waiting for the first round of DL burners will really be worth it?

Also, am I correct in thinking that Ty and Maxell media are some of the better media to use for the Pioneer drive?