Pioneer 107 8x media

I recently purchased a Pioneer 107D from AVlogic and received a Piodata (made by Taiyo Yuden) 8x DVD-R that worked perfectly. I played this disc in both an RCA and Apex DVD player with no problems.

Link to media (there individual disk price is high–$8.00-- try meritline at $3.99):

Here’s another link—judging by the picture it appears to be the same media that I received:


Meritline sells individual disks for $3.99 and 50-500 bulk packs for $3.89-$3.39 per disk.

damn!:eek: at 8 bux a disc it better do something better than just hold data like live through a sandpaper test or something. Why not just use ritek or ty with NIL’s firmware. Much cheaper with good results.