Pioneer 106s problem

I just replaced one of my optical drives with a new Pioneer 106s. Seems that after it reads a few discs if I go to insert another one the drive takes it just fine, spins up, but nothing shows up under the icon in my computer. The drive refuses to eject the disc. It spins up and down for a few seconds about every five minutes or so but never does anything. Furthermore, I end up with a runaway system process that chews up all the CPU. If I try and shut down the PC and restart it sits at the XP shutdown/logoff screen for a few minutes and then blue screens.

Is this a bad drive? It is running in UDMA4, and I’m reluctant to try PIO since that’ll kill performance.

One other thing to consider. Veritas DLA might be causing this problem, I’m not sure. Sometimes after the drive has gone into lala land when I put a CD in there I get errors when shutting down the PC. One of two messages, or both of these, come up when trying to shut down: “tfswctrl.exe” shows as not responding, and the PC wants me to end task. Afer that, sometimes a small window pops up with “Veritas DLA” in the title bar and a message below that about “media being updated” or something to that affect. Could Veritas be causing problems with my Pioneer ROM? Check out this link:,,0x6f9f8cc5e03fd6118fff0090279cd0f9,00.html

Should I get rid of the DLA software and see if that helps? I don’t use drag & drop to make my +RW discs anyway…