Pioneer 106s I/O device error

I’ve recently started having trouble with my Pioneer 106s Slot in drive.

I have had it working fine for about 5 months, today it has started giving me read errors due to I/O device error and i cant run any programs from the drive as i get Not a Valid Win32 application.

I installed my new liteon 40125s writer yesterday and set the dvd drive to Master and writer as slave on secondary IDE

Original Setup was Lite 24103s (master) and Pioneer 10s (slave)

Was told that having writer as Slave was somehow better…

any ideas why?

anyone had this problem, i’ve also been told the slot in drives are a lot easier to damage too.

I’ve got a LG slot in cd player 24x in one of my compuers. Almost never fails me. Slot In drives do have the problem that if a disc is not taken correctly the mechanics might get stuck for a while , but in all the slot in drives that’s been taken care of… Just press eject one more time and it resets itself.

As for a burner , set it on master. The master ide has the first choiche in the ide channel.

Thanks i’ll just switch em tomorrow…

I only really noticed the error today so it must have summat to do with the arrangement, i.e. CD-RW (m) DVD (s)

I’m also using win2k also… think that might also be a problem?