Pioneer 106S can't read OptoDisc DVD-R?

Hi, I just bought some OptoDisc DVD-R, and I burn a movie on it. When I put the disc into my Pioneer 106S DVD drive, it won’t read it, but it works fine on another Sony DVD-ROM. The pioneer drive works fine with a Ritek DVD+RW.

When I put in the DVD-R, the “My Computer” will kinda crash, and it won’t even show the Disc label. Anyone know if this can be fixed?

I burned another disc from the same spindle, and it kinda read it, but then it says it is corrupted or something.

Any help? Thanx in advance.

Hi and welcome to our forum! :slight_smile:

This may not be a real solution but:

Update the firmware of both your DVD-Writer and DVD-ROM to the latest versions if you do not already have the latest versions.

Notice that optodisc is not the highest quality DVD-R brand out there so that may just be the problem as well. Using better (and then more expensive :() brands like verbatim for example will most likely fix this problem.

I have updated the firmware on both the burner and the reader, but it doesn’t seem to help.

Is it normal to have this kind of problem? I am kinda new to burning DVDs, but in the CDR world, even crappy CDRs are readable by most, if not all CD-ROM was my experience.

Will burning it at 1x help? My Discs are marked 4x, and I was already burning at 2x.

FYI, Disc is OptoDisc gold surface and purple on the data side.