Pioneer 106D

I have no idea how to used DVD RW discs with this, when i use CDRW all i do is open the disc folder and drag and drop the write (this does not work with DVDRW). what do i need to do with DVDRW, i have the following software on my system, Stomp recordmax now, i also have alchohol 120%. Ive tried a few DVDRW media with no luck, any help would be apreciated.


Record Now should work normally.

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Other than the software you mention, it sounds like you also have a “packet-writing” program installed, which allows you to drag-and-drop to CD-RW (probably DLA - Drive Letter Access). Your version of RecordNow/DLA is probably too old to work with this DVD-drive.

RNM 4.5 with an actual PxEngine should work, I think.

But you could try a trial version of Nero 6 or 7 anyway.

You’re right, chef. I noticed this thread here, if the OP is so inclined and able to try it.

Thanks for the welcome.

I dont think i have installed any such program (maybe it auto installed) with a version of nero or record now.

i just thought i was able to drag and drop files as part of xp as it had never been an option before, obviously i just assumed that i would b eable to do the same with dvd -rw discs.

That makes sense. If it’s the XP burning feature you’re using, this can only work with CD, not DVD.

As a side note, if you burn a dvd with RecordNow, can you select the burn speed or do you just get min/mid/max options? If you can’t select a number there (like 4x, 8x, etc.), then the pxEngine is really too old for your drive.

on dvd i just get min/max/max options on cd i get proper speeds, i had installed the pxengine anyway but as you guessed it didnt make much if any diference.

Thats a mistake actualy i can on a dvd-r record from 1x to 16x

Not on 8x or 16x media normally.

That’s because you just updated the pxengine, which may be a “hacked” version to [I]show[/I] all speeds. If you select one the drive can’t handle, it will choose the closest match, I think. This is all independent from your original problem with XP not writing to DVD by the way.


you can find the mediasupport for your burner here:

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@ [B]rfc5stars[/B]: I might add that the XP CD-burning option is not very popular around here. Once you have installed a dedicated burning program (like Nero or RecordNow), its limited features become somewhat useless. In fact, many users even disable this function, as it can cause conflicts with other burning software. If you are interested in drag-and-drop burning to DVD from within Windows Explorer, you may want to look into the DVD-RAM format (or maybe wait for Windows Vista).

Concerning your RecordNow installation, I hope you didn’t install the downloads shown in the first post from that thread I referred to above, because these are almost two years old. If you want to continue using RecordNow, you should look at one of the last posts in that thread (#283) with a link to more up-to-date information.

Good luck!

Hi rfx5stars,

Try selecting the writing speed for your burner in the Settings menu in RN Max 5.
The selected speed will be applied when writing.
It’s a limitation in some versions that you cannot select the write speed while in the last screen before burning.