Pioneer 106D

Hi everyone, a quick question. I got a pioneer 106D (DVD burner) and was wondering can i burn DVD9 (double layer) if i lash the firmware? … If so … could someone point me in the direction where i could find the firmware? … Thanks

No way!

You already got that answer in your double-post.

Yes there`s a way, but only Pioneer have the firmware that will be able to do it :slight_smile: !!! :slight_smile:


When you think burning much less than 1gb on every layer is proper burning DL …
Nothing else were showed ever with a 106.

Pioneer has demonstrated dual layer burning during the CES, the technology exhibition in Las Vegas. The company succeeded recording to two layers DVD-R in October 2003 and now firstly publicly demonstrated the technology. In the booth of the RWPPI (RW Products Promotion Initiative) they wrote 100 MB to each layer. The discs were read back by a normal DVD player.

Intresting however is that the company used a Pioneer A06 burner with only a modified firmware. According to the company only a firmware modification is needed in order to make a DVD-R drive write dual layer discs. The disc was written at 2 speed. The DVD-R dual layer specifications have not yet been passed by the DVD Forum.

One year later… Still no sign of that firmware on the internet :s

I hope some day i will find it