Pioneer 106D unable to erase RWs


I tried to 'quick erase DVD-RWs and CDRWs with Nero and other erasing tools. however, when I do, the disc becomes unreadable. Normally when I erase a RW, I can click on it with Windows Explorer and it shows an empty directory (with my CDRW burner). Now after erasing, I cant click on the disc as it is now unreadable.

I also find that the RW pops out of the Pioneer drive before the finish bar is finished. Is this my Pioneer drive or is there a bug? I noticed this with firmware 106 and 107.

However, I can still burn stuff to the discs and they work as normal after.

Can someone out there please try to QUICK ERASE a CDRW with the Pioneer 106D and see if Windows Explorer will let you browse it after. Windows Explorer says its “not accessible”.

When I quick erase with my CDRW, I can brose the CDRW (althought there’s nothing on it).


I have my answer. You cant read off an reased CD or DVD!

So once a cd/dvd has been erased there is nothing on it, how strange.

What I mean to say is that even a blank HDD has a directory. It just that there’s nothing on it. However, a Blank RW cant even be read. Try it yourself. My drive says not valid media. I expected it to still be read!

I would have thought that would have been obvious.

Perhaps you are remembering “blanking/erasing/formatting” a Packet written RW (DirectCD/PacketCD/InCD, which after a “erase” (Quick format) does show up in Windows Explorer as empty.

Just guessing here.