Pioneer 106D problems burning dvd+r

I just recently purchased the 106d and I am not able to
burn successful dvd+r backups of movies. I am using
DVDshrink and Nero DVD-R backups come out perfect.
(cheapo compusa 1x -r discks)

But when I try the +r (Memorex 4x +r), Nero says the burn is successful, but the standalone dvd player says ‘disc error’.
Even PowerDVD won’t play the +r backups. But Windows Media Player can read it, funny enough. If I burn with cloneDVD the +r backup can’t even be opened in ‘My Computer’…;threadid=73052

I’ve seen these threads with the same problems. Are there
any more out there having the same problems with the 106d, I know many have bought the 106d (newegg/live warehouse) since the prices have gone down

Have you tried upgrading the firmware to version 1.07?

I have the drive and have yet to have a problem with DVD-writing with it.

It is true that the drive seems to have some incompatibility with some burning programs.Try using the latest nero version
or recordnow max 4.5 which must get the job done.If the dvd+r discs come out damaged with these 2 programs,the drive may be faulty.You can also try discjuggler,it is fine with with the drive too or the latest copytodvd.Make sure that you have pinnacle instant cd/dvd removed from your system cause it has some conflicts with nero.Hope this helps