Pioneer 106D OverBurn Problem

I have my Pioneer 106D almost a year. Never had a problem to do overburn on 800 meg for vcd movies.
I use HP cd-r 48x 80 min/700mb blanks. Like I say never had a problem.

Until recently, I re-install windows xp sp2 and now I cant even do overburn at all. Nero or Alcohol keep telling me I cant cause not enough space. Never I seen this since I have my pioneer.

I tried to replace aspi drivers from a ghost image I kept from previous windows sp1a. Still no go.

Then decided to update firmware to 1.08…something like that…the one that is floating around lately for the 106D.

Still no go. Able to burn less 700 without no problem at all.

Anyone ever experience this? Thank you for your time and input.