Pioneer 106D NERO VCD problems

I cant seem to burn a VCD with NERO ( that has MPGs in them. The MPGs doesnt play unless I chapter search. When burning the same VCD with Nero with my Liteon, it is all fine.

Is it Nero or the Pioneer or my setup?

Does this problem occur in one (or more) standalone DVD player(s), or in your computer as well? Did you try different media?

As you’ve got a LiteOn, it might be a good idea to use KProbe to test the quality of the written disc and see if there’s something wrong. If the error rates happen to be very high, most likely, the inner ring of your discs are of a very low quality…

The VCD burnt with Nero by the Pioneer 106D does not work on my Panasonic RV-31 DVD Player, but it does work without problems on my Digitrex GK-1020.

The same VCD burnt with Nero by my LIteon 12102b works on both the Panasonic and Digitrex.

My conclusion is that there is something incompatible with the Pioneer 106D. What are your thoughts?

Has no one reproduced this problem by burning a

  1. VCD with
  2. Nero 6 and the
  3. Pioneer 106D?