Pioneer 106D and PS2 backups



I have had this drive for a year or so and it had worked flawlessly until now. It still works great for ripping movies and burning them but when a ps2 dvd is inserted the light stays on indefinetly and locks up explorer which then I have to reboot. I have flashed the firmware to remove the riplock but I’m pretty sure this isn’t it as I have forced the original firmware from pioneer back on it. I have even tried from dos promt and it still won’t work. The strange thing is when I insert a backup dvd of a ps2 game it reads it just fine.
I have tried it from safemode as well. I have used msconfig in diagnostic startup also to no avail.
Any ideas?
Is this the first sign of the drive going bad.
It use to make perfect backups of ps2 dvd’s.