Pioneer 106d and nero

I am using nero 6 to try to backup my dvds which I have ripped with smart ripper 2.41 then shrank with dvd2one 1.30.

When I try to play my backups, they begin to stick and judder around the 54 minute mark. They do this on every dvd player I own, as well as a friend’s.

I have tried to install pinnacle 6.5 and 7, but it does not recognise the pioneer as a target drive.

As I have 4 kids in the house, you can imagine how long an original lasts!

Anyone had similar problems or know a solution? this web site is brill got a reply and it sorted me out. To that man thanks youre a saint

well if was me I would try differnt program sounds like a program issue there …

also nero six is very buggy …

here is tutorial i wrote for newbies …try this and see if it gets ya up and going

also version of nero I use that has gave me no problems is located here>>

hit the mehr …and then where it takes you …you can see download …try that out and see if it works better for you … this is method i use to do all my movies and no problems so far and that is over 100 …and I know bout the kids and neices and nephews hehheh

thanks to the man from kentucky for telling me about shrink 3 it works well and it has solved all my problems cheers

no problem glad i could help ya …even from kentucky hehhehe …any more problems let me knwo