Pioneer 106 speed problems



I have a pioneer 106 with lastest firmware installed but i’m having problems backing up my ps2 games (legit backups, kids play on my ps2 and fuck my games up so i need backups of em).
Anyway, i’ve tried RecordnowMax, Alcohol 120%, CDRWIN and game cloner and my problem is that I cannot read/write at lower than 4x. It’s always stuck on maximum and for games like Final Fantasy X-2 which have a lot of movies, this is no good because the movies go choppy and everything takes AGES to load. I want 1x!!!
Any ideas?



Oh, I use Rytek G04 media so I know it’s not the blank DVD’s that suck


just tried backing up with DVD Decrypter spotted this in the little status window thing

W 15:45:09 [1:1:0] PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-106D 1.08 (F:) (ATA) - Selected Read Speed: 1,385 KB/s (1x)
W 15:45:09 [1:1:0] PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-106D 1.08 (F:) (ATA) - Actual Read Speed: 16,620 KB/s (12x)

so i cant read below 12x??