Pioneer 106 slot loader eject noise

upon cold boot my pioneer 106 slot loader drive will make its eject noise to see if a disc is in it, but then after it will make a loud eject noise like its actually ejecting a disc (of course its not, its empty), now this has occured since I put my lg 4167b drive in as master and the pioneer as slave, I have swapped the pair around to make the pioneer master and the lg slave, still happens.

When I just have the pioneer on its own, it didn’t happen the 1 time i tried that.

Could it be the jumper? An edge of the little jumper switch is broken off on the pioneer, its been like that for quite some time and has worked fine.

I’m a tad bemused as you may have noticed.

A jumper cannot produce such an noise…

yeah I wasn’t saying it was literally the jumper causing the noise, I was suggesting whether it could be the cause of the drive believing a disc is in it :slight_smile:

I think it’s a sign of a dmaged drive (or slowly dying) because once I had the same drive, same happened.

could very well be whats happening, i’ve had the drive for about 4 years now. But just seems like a strange coincidence that it happens when I put my new dvd-rw in. I may try the dvd-rom drive on the same channel as my backup ide drive and see if it has the same problem then.

If I do need to buy a new drive should I buy a new dvd-rom drive (if so any recommendations?) or another dvd-rw drive such as pioneer 110d or benq 1640?

edit: could it be the ide cable?

New -RW? What kind, how it’s rated and which brand?

The decision is up to you as to a DVD-ROM or a DVD burner. If you already have a LG 4167b, why do you need another DVD burner?

I bought the BenQ1640 to scan for disk quality and to burn newer media. for example, Pioneer 106 can’t write MCC 8X DVD-R or YUDENT02 properly.

Have you tried putting the Pioneer and LG on different IDE cable?

Hehe, it’s a bit off to compare a DVR-106 (4x burner) with a LG 4167, BenQ1640 or even DVR-110. :wink: