Pioneer 106 - No longer reads freshly written dvd-r's


As the topic says, My 106 no longer reads freshly written dvd-r discs. Been using Datawrite V3 Red 4x and Datawrite yellow 8x for some time.

I used one of those cd/dvd cleaning discs and fluid and it seem to work for a while. Now it seems to alternate between which ones it will read. Always reads cd’s and pressed dvds fine.

Dont have ready access to another dvd-rom to confirm if they can be read. So a bit stumped. Likely to be the write laser or read laser? Can it be fixed?

May just pay out and get a new P109 or NEC 3520/40

Any thoughts?

Been using Datawrite V3 Red 4x and Datawrite yellow 8x

i would point my finger at these first, try using some better quality media such as Verbatim or TY.

Would seem a little odd if it were to be the media since ive used Datawrite reds since the beginning (about 18 months ago).

I’ll give it a go tho.


datawrites have not been good for a while… it is most likely your media

I used to overspeed datawrites premiums (grey) on my old 108 from 8x to 16x.

Get a cd/dvd lens cleaning disc and fluid, ignore if it says not to use these in instructions, ive did it for years on all pcs of my customers and my own.

the man lives dangerously :iagree:

I did mention that I had used the cleaning disc and fluid.
One point I just realised is that the problems all started after I rebuilt my PC upgrading from a Celeron 2GHz to an Athlon 64 3000+. Starting from scratch in a new case.
Could a load of dust or similar have clunked about inside the drive?

Got about as many of these discs left in cost as it would be to buy a new burner.

As much as everyone says its terrible media. Seems odd Ive never had a coaster with them, and then suddenly I start getting problems from two different batches.

RiDisc DVD-RW 2x working fine as far as i can tell.

Its getting really irritating.

Just confimed that they can be read by a Samsung DVDROM. But not by the Pioneer.

I suggest you read this…

Especially my post at the bottom of the page - seems applicable to your situation…

Good luck…

I had a go at what you said above. Took the drive apart (Didnt realise there was only one lens) cleaned it thourougly, removed all the dust.

Burned another disc in Nero. Wrote without errors. It passed Neros Data verification tool. Works fine in the dvdrom drive.
I then put it back in the pioneer. Pioneer wont read it, bringing up a blank folder. Pah…

I think you said you’ve had it 18 months ?

How many discs you reckon you’ve burned?

Maybe its coming to the end of its natural life :sad:

Only a suggestion, if you can’t remedy it…


Probably burned around 200 discs, at a guess. May well be dying.
I’ll probably end up putting an order in this week.

Even is the drive isnt dead, 4x is looking a little slow by current standards and I’m sure Dual Layer will kick off as a viable option (economically) soon enough…

Thanks 4 replying…

Mine is doing the same thing. Though in fact it reads freshly burned discs okay for aroudn 20 minutes. Just long enough for me to verify, think things are okay, and delete my original files. If the disc is put back in after that, they show as a blank folder/ no disc inserted.

It’s as if the data is vanishing from the disc once it cools down or something. Varius brands all do this; various brands all worked fine when the drive was newer.

I think we’re discovering an age/wear related failure mode of the Pioneer drives.

I think 200 discs isn’t a great deal. :eek: I would expect atleast several thousand before you get any major problems. :iagree:

My bro’s has burned a good few thousand in it’s time (nearly 2 yrs old) and he’s only get problems now… :iagree:

Maybe there is some other cause? :confused:



God forbid - I only bought my 108 six months ago and have burned 100 odd discs (that must mean I’ve got less than 50 left before it expires) :sad:

Bit the bullet. Bought the NEC 3540. (Gets delivered 2moro) Got a bit put off the idea of getting another Pioneer.
Pray this sorts out all my problems…

With that cheapo media it’s absolutely no surprise that you’ve got problems. ANY burner will have problems with such media.

Use reliable ones to avoid problems.

I’ve now recreated the problem using a Verbatim 8x and a Ridisc Xtreme. Unless these are still considered cheapo…
I will await the NEC today and see if it can burn the rest of my Datawrites.

I bought the Pioneer on its highly regarded media compatibility strengths.

They are surely no “cheapos”, so the problem lies elsewhere.