Pioneer 106 DVD Writer - Best choice?

I’ve read through some of the posts regarding the Pioneer DVD burner and I’m just wanting some confirmation before going for it.

It’s down to 95 pounds in the UK, which seems to be the cheapest DVD writer.

Is it good for making backups of my pc files?

Better to use -R or +R discs with it?

Best brand of disc to use with it?

xp is falling apart because of some rare virus/backdoor and most programs now won’t open. The virus is un-cleanable and I need to backup 30+ gigs of personal files before wiping the drive.

I just need to know if buying this drive will do the job and be better in the long run instead of buying a ‘spare’ 80 gb HD for 60-odd pounds.

Thanks a lot and apologies for any questions that are answered elsewhere

  • Odie