Pioneer 106 - DVD Vid Problem - Hangs At End Of Recording?

I have a Pioneer 106 (OEM) with 1.06 firmware but when I burn a DVD file (e.g. AUDIO_TS / VIDEO_TS) in DVD-Video mode in Nero the recording hangs at what appears to be 100%.

I have to force a reboot of windows to get the DVD out (using a DVD+RW). The recorded disc appears to work fine in both software and actual DVD players. The problem occurs with both 10MB DVD folder images and 4.3GB folder images. Lead Out text appears and it appears to write the lead out and then the drive lights goes out and Nero just continues to count up on recording time.

If I select DVD-ISO in Nero and copy the AUDIO and VIDEO folders over and write the DVD it works and does not hang so this seems to point to a Nero problem rather than an issue with the drive? I am assuming this is not writing a fully compliant DVD but it works in both Software and my DVD player for me anyway.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem or knows a solution? I have tried with both the latest versions of Nero v5 and v6 (guessing they share the same burning code and that is why they both hang)


I use to get this problem when burning DVD films on DVD+R media on my Pioneer 106 using Nero.

I now use IMGtool. That still uses Nero API, so Nero would still need to be installed, either full or demo, but I have not had one single problem since using it.

No luck for me with ImgBurn still hangs at the end for DVD+RW discs.

I have now tried a different disc type (should have done this straight away) and both Nero and ImgBurn work fine with DVD-RW’s in DVD-Vid mode so it looks like a Nero burning engine problem with DVD+RW’s on my set-up anyway.

I guess i need to waste a DVD+R to see if it is the plus discs in DVD-Vid mode that the drive / Nero or whatever is the problem


I believe that this issue is unique to RW discs, possibly to Nero also. Updating your firmware may be of some help.