Pioneer 106-d firmware?

hi everyone wondering if i could have some advice from anyone using a pioneer 106 d dvd writter can anyone tell me what kind of firmware they r using because im not sure im using the right one because its writting fine at 2x and not at 4x making errors ect! ive tried both nero and record now max and also diffrent kinds of 4x disks and having the smae problem dont know much aboutthis firmware thing but i think this could be my problem im currently using the dvr - 106d v1.07 rpc -1 + 2x dvd -r +12x rip if that means anything i would be greatfull for any help at all cheers gary

The latest is 1.08 but when i was using 1.07 i didn’t have any problems, so i doubt it’s the firmware.

what are your system specs?

What media do you use. I burnt over 300 dvd-r (ritek g.04) on your firmware no probs.

Also what do you mean by errors?