Pioneer 106, 110 what is happening?


I am basically asking everyone’ s opinion on the best dvd burner for a computer. I started with a LiteOn about 4 years back and it went ok for almost 2 years. I upgraded to a Pioneer 106 I believe and most recently in has not been doing its job (using dvdshrink it now goes through the process of burning but then spits out the dvd with failure). Up till now it has had no problem. So a friend passed me a new Pioneer 110D he got last year never used it. I did not upgrade the firmware as I did not even know I had to, and after 6 burns it does not work at burning anymore so I upgraded to the new firmware for it and it worked I believe for 2 burns now for some reason just before I press the button to burn in the program the CPU just restarts itself everytime (like rebooting). I am totally confused now, can someone help and explain this and what I need to do to fix the problem and get back to burning.

PS…I am rather new to the tech lingo and wording so please help me in simple terms.

Thank you.

Opps sorry I kinda went into 2 questions there.

Aside from helping me with the problem what other burners should I consider in a decent price range and with as little hassle as possible?

Thank you again.

I don’t know what you precisely mean, but do you mean that the system REBOOTS when you eject the tray? If so … possibly something wrong with windows/driver stacks or you might have a bad power supply …

put the old burner back - if that fix the problem throw the 110 in the bin