Pioneer 105

Sorry, ive read some of the other posts but they seem to have a different kernal type so ill brefly state my problem

Right i can burn Cd’s perfectly tested and everything works, yet when i try burning to a Dvd-r with nero i get a power calibration error,

heres the results i got with dvdrflash

Drive information

Pioneer dvd-rw Dvr-105
Firmware rev. -1.20
Manufacturer- Pioneer
Drive is in normal mode

Additional drive info

derial CBTO014725WL
interface type ATA
dvr generation 0004
Kernal type -NECCI
Normal type -NECCI
Kernal version 0003

Oh and lastly the disks im trying to burn on are TDK, i heard they were a good type, and i tried with some other disks but they didnt work either

I see your firmware is old. The latest is 1.33. You can find it here:

Also note that firmware update will not save a non-working drive.

…and will not make cheap discs magically work.

when i try to update the firmware i get a target not found error

Because your drive is OEM.

You either need to find an update from NEC or you have to use DVRFlash.

any idea where i can find this or?