Pioneer 105 reading speed



I’ve got a pioneer 105 it read dvd-r/rw and dvd-rom at 2x
are reported completely different reading speed! How is this possible?


Hi Andrea,

At first, don’t always trust things stated by CDRInfo. This website has been known to publish all kinds of readings that are incorrect (some of them have been estimated, except of concluded from tests).

Besides that, the reading speed of a drive depends on quite some factors. To name some:

  • type of media
  • media quality (incl. scratches, filth, dust etc)
  • firmware
  • ide setup

As I don’t own such a drive, I can’t really tell you what normal speeds for this drive are. Maybe our search can help you out?
Anyhow, I’m moving this thread to the Recording hardware forum, as you might get more replies over there…