Pioneer 105 probs

I’ve just put a pion 105 in my system and it burns ok but will only burn at 1x speed instead of max 4x. Also I can’t alter dma modes on my drives cos I can’t find it in device manager can anyone help :confused:

If you cant find DMA controls in the device manager its probably because you have Intel Application Accelerator Drivers installed. Either adjust the DMA mode inside IAA control panel or remove them as they normally cause problems with burning.

So where do i find those drivers and how do i get rid :confused:

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Thanx hopester I had a look round and sorted it

And who is double posting chef :confused:

Hehe, wasn’t there such one?
I thought I saw one, but if you say wasn’t then I probably saw a ghost in another subsection.
Anyway, problem solved - anyone is happy.