Pioneer 105 prob

hi i recently bought a pioneer 105 dvd-rw its been great so far but im having some problems. i keep getting Power Calibration Area Error when using Datawrite classic dvd-rs the ones with the pale purple dye . i have no probs whatsoever using the datasafe with the ritek dye and even the bulkpaq gen 3 discs record fine but ive tried all 10 of the datawrite i bought and not one will record because of this error. i bought my media from the everthing else i got of them was fine and there service was great too:) anyway soory for the essay any help would be great thanx:bigsmile:

the firmware in this drive has been deliberately
crippled by pioneer to stop media makers from
producing media for it without making a contribution
to pioneer. Same story with sony 500. Its about time
these guys stopped ripping us off!

so if and when some hacked firmware appears do you think this will solve the problem :confused: