Pioneer 105 and Nero problems

Hi all, thanx for listening to following:

Pioneer dvr-105 will record to 1x and 2x media fine using Nero But, using the new “Princo” 4x that I bought, Nero says it is checking discs and freezes. Running Win XP pro, sp1, with most of the latest patches. Running 1.30 firmware on the 105. The drive was originally marketed as a Cendyne, but it’s really a Pioneer 105 and says so on the sticker. Trying to burn a dvd video, a 5 not a 9 gig.

I’m thinking an uninstall/reinstall of Nero. Then a different burning sw like gear. Thoughts? Whadda pisser!:smiley:

As usual, solved my own problem. Moved the ide cable from a pci ide controller to the onboard ide controller. Now can burn in Nero with 4x media. First burn took 15 minutes for 4.5 gig. Kewl. :cool: