Pioneer 105 and hacked firmware

Since installing the hacked firmware I find my DVD is writing at 2 speed even tho single speed is selected. I am using Instant CD to write. Is this correct

Thanks Roy

First of all, let me welcome you to CD Freaks! Welcome aboard mate! :wink:

If you flash your drive with hacked firmware, which is firmware not made by the manufacturar of your produkt, there’s a change it won’t do the thing why you changed the official firmware for a hacked version and it might even make your drive not function at all or make it lose some functionallity.
Maybe somebody else here owns the same drive and has done the same thing as you did with it and can tell you what to do next.

I suggest you either flash the drive again with official firmware of you check the helpfile which might came with the hacked firmware and check it for troubleshooting. (or check the website you got it from)

U cannot burn @ 1 speed with this hack but seeing as the point of this hacked firmware is to burn 1x @ 2x if U want 1x U will have to revert to official Firmware;)

hi, i got the hacked firmware aswell but i can still burn at 1x or 2x on a 1x disc,i use recordnow max and nero.

goone welcome to the forum and thanx for providing this info.

roy47 you should maybe consider using another burning application ie: Nero and see if you get the option to write @ 1x as well.