Pioneer 105/A05 Will this drive do Correct EFM Encodeing?

just asking out of curiousity. i dont realy need it though would be handy :slight_smile:

also is this burner good at Reading and ripping DVD media ?
whats the write Quality like also…!

cheers ,

I should have this drive tommorow if all things go well :o

It’s zero-sheep

Originally posted by alexnoe
It’s zero-sheep

LOL :smiley:

and apart from that do you think the burner is a good choice

becuse ill be useing my 6 sheep 52x liteon LOL fomr cdr`s

what about dvd burn quality and read quality Ect ?

will it do Xbox/Ps2/Movies Ect good ?

If you want a single-format burner, it is a good choice. The writing quality is good on quality media, but may be horrible on Vivastar and the such