Pioneer 105 1.33firmware

does anybody know if the 1.33 firmware will rip at 12x or is it still locked at 2

The official firmwares will always be locked at 2x

but there is already a hacked 1.33 look on rcp1 forum, or gladius page :cool:

lo m8 nice case u got just got 1 me self question what is your gfx cooler like any good me fan is dyeing need a replacement thanks for any info m8 :bigsmile:


what you mean, i only see hacked words :stuck_out_tongue:

may be the Zalman ZM 80A VGA Heatpipe on my Geforce 4 ?

The Pioneer Hacked A05 1.33

yep are they any good m8 me fan dyeing thinking of getting 1 been after a thermaltake kit cant find any