Pioneer 105 1.33B new firmware 2x on all 1x media ? INTERESTING!



this is very interesting, it seems that a “b” version of this hardware is available, yet the history hasnt been updated, but whats interesting is what is below.

it says that nearly all 1x media can write at 2x, does this mean that this new firmware allows us to write at 2x on nearly all 1x media ?

how long has this been information been on this page:

once you get this page, go to the 105 firmware section, then you will see the 1.33b firmware, now click on the about dvd-r media button and you will get the information that is listed below, its javascript code, so i cant link it here.

"Writing Speed for DVD-R (1x) Media
For all DVR Models
Dating back to the launch of the DVR-A03 DVD-R/RW drive, Pioneer has included a feature allowing 2x writing on the DVD-R media. This feature has been brought about by Pioneer’s own engineering endeavor. The drives have media specific optimizations called ‘write strategies’. These write strategies are tailor-made for the specific media brand, which makes 2x DVD-R recording possible for Pioneer drives, both the DVR-A03/103 and A04/104.
Prior to the introduction of the new 4x DVD-R, the DVD forum’s specification for DVD-R was 1x writing. The 2x DVD-R writing feature was intended for the benefit of the end users. To create 2x DVD-R write compatible ‘For General’ media, firstly the media must pass the DVD forum’s verification as 1x DVD-R. Once this step is cleared, fine-tuning was applied for the media under the media makersf cooperation. As a Result these media brands only were ultimately certified as 2x DVD-R compatible media.
Due to this development procedure, not all of the 1x DVD-R media on the market is 2x writing compatible.
2x DVD-R writing for all DVR Models

  1. The list below is based on an evaluation made using sample DVD-R media
    submitted by the respective media manufacturer.
  2. Of the media manufacturers listed, there is no media existing that is not 2x DVD-R compatible.
    To confirm that the DVD-R media is capable of 2x writing, please ask at the point of purchase
    or contact the media distributor or manufacturer.
  3. Evaluation has not been done for other DVD-R media manufacturers or brands that are not
    listed below.
  4. The list will be updated from time to time with new evaluation results.

1x DVD-R Media Compatible of writing at 2x
(as of December 24, 2002)

Hitachi Maxell, Ltd OK OK OK
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (Verbatim) OK OK OK
Mitsui chemicals, Inc. OK OK OK
Pioneer Video Corporation OK OK OK
TDK Corporation OK1
Taiyo-Yuden Co., Ltd. OK OK
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (Panasonic) OK OK
Sony Corporation OK
CMC Magnetics Corporation OK3
(Media ID: CMC MAG.)
RITEK Corporation OK
(Media ID: RITEKG02)
ProDisc Technology Inc OK
(Media ID: PRODISCG02)
*1 Adopted from firmware version 1.65
*2 Adopted from firmware version 1.40
*3 Adopted from firmware version 1.33
*4 Adopted from firmware version 1.21
Other DVD-R media not listed above only supports 1x speed writing.
Please refer to How to check the DVD-R Media ID to confirm a DVD-R Media discs ID.
The media ID is disc unique information prerecorded on each blank DVD-R during the discs manufacturing stage. It can be used to identify who manufactured the disc.
Some of DVD-R media released by ProDisc Technology Inc may not suit the DVR-A05.
Please contact ProDisc Technology Inc if you have any questions regarding this issue.

Please be aware that many manufacturers market their media under various brand names or manufacture OEM for other companies who market media under their own brand names.

is some daring soul gunna try this new firmware to see if it lets you write 2x on 1x media ?

heres a link to the firmware: