Pioneer 104: "Unexpected Exception" error?



Hi all,

I’m having trouble with my 104 - the drive will burn CDs OK, but when I try to burn a DVD I keep getting an error that simply states “Unexpected Exception” - this happens as the write process is initialising, just after checking the media and selecting the speed to write.

I’m using Nero 5.5 on Windows 2000.

Any ideas what it might be?

TIA :slight_smile:


The pioneer drive you mentioned requires a firmware update before using it with 4x media. Pioneer says you can actually damage the drive if used. I read this in Maximum PC magazine Jan issue page 21 Quote"Update firmware or die" goto for update first. Hope this helps.


Thanks Astronutty - I haven’t bothered with 4X media to be honest.

I’m refraining from a firmware upgrade for the moment, since I might need to send it back for a replacement…

Cheers for the input though :slight_smile: