Pioneer 08 and Piodata 08 How equal are they?

Firstly I own a Pioneer 08

Is the equivalent firmware for the these 2 drives ie 1.18 identical except for bitsetting of the +R ?
Is the Kernel different enough from Piodata that I might lose write quality?

Nero CD Speed allows you to run a disk quality test with the Piodata firmware but not the Pioneer. Are there other minor features that I might gain/lose out on with the Piodata, are the write strategies identical, is the quality of the write the same to the discs with each of the equivalent firmwares.

Hope people can understand where I am trying to go with these questions and hopefully someone can give a definitive answer.


I’ve found the writing quality identical when burninging with my 108 with Pioneer and Piodata FW. All the difference was that you mentioned.

Same drives from the same manufacturer, just only under different names. Not even really OEM.