Pioneeer USA information on 1.15 Firmware for 107D burner

I just had a very informative talk with Pioneer tech support (USA) and why they are not yet supporting the firmware 1.15 for the 107D burner. While they were not sure he led me to believe that there might be some stability problems with region 1 drives and that their tech people were holding off to see what they could do before they release the new version for USA.

I asked him to try to convince them to post what they find when they finally release it, especially concerning what to do if you have the 1.15 from AU or elsewhere. He did agree that this delay had not happened before in his memory.

Any additional info from anyone else would be great. I have been using the 1.15 since its release and so far have had no difficulties.


I hate to say it but reg 1 ,2 ,3 — is just eeprom setting has nothing to do with how the fw burns or works. I think the guy was BSing you

While I wont rule it out, this does indeed sound odd. Region coding does not generally have a great deal to do with a firmwares write descriptors, let alone the write strategies.

There might be something I am missing here. Can anyone elaborate?

Exactly, the only reason for the region the drive is sold in to matter is if there were different firmwares built with different media support based on what is commonly available in a certain region. This is not the case though. Pioneer USA is probably just lazy.

I tend to agree, but it still is unusual to have a delay this long.

does anyone know what changes between a firmware from europe for example and a firmware from usa besides the region?


There will be no difference between firmwares of the same version downloaded from different Pioneer Regional Websites.

Very interesting… now Pioneer USA has skipped 1.15 and gone right to 1.16. Hard to say what’s going on.

That’s probably why they held off on releasing 1.15, cause they already had 1.16 :wink: