Pioneed 110D

Hello all, I just replaced a 106D with a 110D in a Dell 5100 box. The 106D would write 4x OK on Ritek G04/G05 disks. The 110D - whilst indicating (Nero 6) that it could write at 4x and 8x on this media - actually takes a lot longer. Almost 1 hour to write a disk!

During writing the disk activity light flashes on and off rather than being on constantly. I have flashed the drive to the latest firware which made no difference. The drive is operating un UDMA mode 5 on an 80 wire cable. The only other thing which ‘might’ not be so cool is that this drive and the Sony DVD rom/CDRW combi drive are both set to Cable Select on the same cable.

Has anyone seen this before?
Kind regards and HELP!

The drive CANNOT run in UDMA 5 mode! Max UDMA setting is UDMA 4.

Cable Select is a BAD IDEA.

OK, changed drives to Master/Slave config, now device manager shows UDMA mode 4 and burning is now happening at full speed - lights on all the time, thank you very much for you help, have a great day!
Kind regards

Nice it worked, surely CABLE SELECT created the issues.

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